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Man exercising, stretching and warming up on a sandy beach before surfing

Dynamic vs Static Stretching

We have all been taught the “old school” style of stretching, i.e., holding stretches for a period a of time, often a 10 – 20 second hold, also known as “Static Stretches”. So what is dynamic vs static stretching.

And some of you may be familiar with the term “Dynamic Stretching” this is a strategy used to improve mobility while moving through a range-of-motion.

But the big question is, which technique will benefit you and give you the best results prior to your activity in dynamic vs static stretching? 

As with most subjects on the internet there is always conflicting studies, and it can be confusing and difficult to get a true definitive answer, with that being said our advice to you is to think of things logically.

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Before you drop your board and take your first push, attempt to paddle out for that big wave or strap down those bindings and start on that big descent down the mountain, let’s just take some essential time to think about what your body is about to go through and PREPARE !

Our advice is simple..

We would encourage you to Imitate movements that are familiar with your specific sport, whether you board, bike, ski or surf there will be certain movements and patterns that your body will repeat throughout your session, so its imperative that the body is ready for the task ahead, this can potentially prevent injury, increase muscle contraction, improve agility and enhance overall performance.

While Static stretching has its benefits, we believe that Dynamic stretching is the way forward.

Since dynamic stretching is a little different for most people, it is recommended that individuals seek training from a certified trainer on how to perform dynamic stretches prior to starting.

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